Where do w all start when we traverse a new plane; when we start exploring?  Always in the middle.  We  open our eyes, and immediately we are in the middle.  Seeing that which surrounds us, stemming from our very bodies, outward; in a circle, in a sphere, the radius that starts from us and reaches as far as we are willing to see, or perhaps, as far as we can see?  We are all thrown into the middle of our own lives, because as we blink – as time moves even if we don’t, we have our past trailing behind us on display for ourselves and those around us to see.  What is it that we see?  Our surroundings, shared by so many, are not seen the same way.  Thus, our middles are different.  What can amount to chaos, what does amount to chaos, can also amount to harmony.  We can harmonize if we tried to understand when listening, if we listened as much as we spoke, and if we spoke as much as we would like to be heard.  So, I share my story.  My middle; so that I may be understood as much as I have felt like speaking and felt like I haven’t said enough, so that others may find someone who is like them and speaking for them, and so that maybe someone, somewhere out there, may understand.

My middle begins here.


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