My frustration

It is amazing how numb one can feel when thrust into an environment one doesn’t even consider as an actual environment; as part of nature – devoid of its own ecosysytem.  A place where time and substance don’t equate to anything.  Then, you step out into surroundings that seem to breathe life itself into you.  There is colour again, there is vibrance, there is life within the life and the very air seems to have texture.  All the senses are stimulated once more and you can feel everything.  And then, you have step back in, back to your reality.  The air gets ripped out of you again in a quick exhale, and you find you can’t seem to inhale.  The pressure in your head builds, your body knows you are dying and your mind is panicked to find a solution to live.  Your whole life then, is enacted through a body that is slow, weak and numb.


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